Services Offered

Nutritional Biochemistry Consultation, Assessment, and Treatment

The root of my practice is transforming your health through optimizing your individual biochemistry. At your first consultation, I’ll take a comprehensive health history. I am always connecting the dots in the complex web of your health. I see every problems as a puzzle, meant for solving. If you have any recent lab work, I will ask you to bring it.

Based on this review, I will make initial recommendations for your health. Then, drawing on my expertise in laboratory assessment, I will recommend further testing to help pinpoint and clarify the causes of any health issues you may have. This may include foundational testing of thyroid and other hormones, lipids, and iron. Additionally, I may recommend Advanced Nutritional Testing, including:

  • Amino acid testing to check the building blocks of neurotransmitters
  • Organic acid testing to test functional vitamin deficiencies and energy production cycles in the cell
  • Mineral panels, including heavy metals when appropriate
  • Highly refined allergy panels
  • Comprehensive stool test to assess intestional microflora balance and digestive integrity

Follow-up appointments will integrate information from the first interview and the additional lab work. I will create an individualized plan for your specific needs. I will also support you in following-through with the plan, by making it as easy as possible.


I integrate several threads of acupuncture. I utilize a gentle Japanese style, using the finest Japanese needles for optimal comfort. I also draw upon a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style, as well as Master Tong’s treatments, a traditional family style. Often treatments are given weekly, although that may vary, based on your needs. Acupuncture is particularly useful for balancing the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, as well as pain and sinus infections.

Acupuncture and herbs, together with selected nutrients, are often extremely useful for acute health situations, including colds and flu. I work with time tested protocols to help you get through these illnesses, all the while supporting your underlying constitution.

Telephone or Skype Consultations

For those living far away, or even those who prefer to have some consultations from the convenience of their home, telephone consultations are available. If possible, these consultations can be ”Skyped”.