Fish Oil

Following are three great fish oils. I consider the minimal dosage for an adult with any of these oils to be two per day.

ProOmega® Lemon 120 gels by Nordic Naturals
Pro-Omega is a highly purified oil.

EPA-DHA 720 Lemon 120 softgels by Metagenics
This Metagenics fish oil is also highly purified.

EPA-DHA Balance (Odorless) 240 softgels by Jarrow Formulas
Jarrow EPA-DHA is slightly less purified than the Nordic Natural and Metagenics brand, but it is much less expensive. It is still very well made. While I personally select the more highly purified oils, and prefer them, when economy is an issue, Jarrow EPA-DHA is an excellent choice.

If you are willing to use a liquid oil, Nordic Natural Arctic Cod Liver Oil is a excellent choice. The flavor is extremely mild. I teaspoon to tablespoon a day for an adult. This is also a very well priced option. Remember to keep this in the refrigerator.