Natural Interventions For Feeling Strong

Natural Interventions for Feeling StrongHere is a fundamental summary of things you can do to have more sense of vitality and strength.


1. Thyroid sets the basic rate for metabolism. TSH should really be under 3.0.
2. Estrogen for women and testosterone for men (and somewhat for women).


1. Always start with a good high potency multi-vitamin/mineral. They should have 100% of the daily value (D.V.) of minerals, and very high B-vitamins (500% or more of the D.V.).
2. Take a high B-complex: B-50 or B-100 complex.
3. Use B-12 as a sublingual. The type “methylcobalamin” is best. 1,000 – 5,000 mcg.
4. Vitamin B-5, pantathenic acid. Therapeutically, you could use 250 – 500 mg.


1. Magnesium is important. 400 – 1,000mg. Magnesium citrate will loosen your stool, but magnesium glycinate will not.
2. Iron is critical for energy. Have your iron levels checked, and supplement accordingly.

Amino Acids

1. The neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and dopamine, lift energy, mood, and attention. They are made from the amino acids, phenylalanine and tyrosine. You can try 500 – 1000 mg. of one or the other. (Take in the morning on an empty stomach) However;
2. Always enhance your serotonin before enhancing dopamine and norepinephrine. Use 50 – 150mg. 5-HTP, the precursor to serotonin. (Also on an empty stomach in the morning.)


1. Lean toward a low carbohydrate diet with very low levels of sugar and flour products!
2. Avoid food allergens if you have any symptoms (G.I. problems, congestion, fatigue, brain fog, etc.). The main food allergens are: gluten (wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, kamut). dairy, soy – less so eggs, citrus fruits.
3. Eat lots of vegetables, lean animal protein, fruit, and some whole non-gluten grain.

Optimize your Gastro-Intestinal Health

1. Use beneficial bacteria. Have an assessment if you have G.I. symptoms.

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