Vitality & Body Basics: An Interview with Jan & Rick Hanson


Learn ways that you can support your vitality, physical health, and nutritional neurochemistry in this hour-long interview I did with Rick Hanson for the Foundations of Well-Being program. We cover diet, vitamins, laboratory testing (and how to think about the results), and practical physiologically-oriented interventions for better sleep and mood that don’t require medications.


Category : Articles &Diet &Vitamins Posted on March 5, 2015

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  1. Kelly H
    9 years ago

    Wish I lived near enough to utilize you as a provider.. (Or an employee!).
    I am especially interested in the neuro-psycho-endocrine-immunology convergence in treating depression, anxiety, ADD and Bipolar disorder. I also have symptoms of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and deal with various autoimmune and allergy issues, but it is the cognitive and emotional aspect that has dealt the hardest blows and been the most treatment resistant, despite having already made 99% of the nutritional and lifestyle changes discussed here… And far more.
    I’m wondering, Is neuro-psych your area of specific expertise/interest as a nutritionist and integrative medicine practitioner?
    Are there colleagues that you would recommend other than Dr Pearlmeyer?
    I follow him as well as Dr Kelly Brogan, Dr Ben Lynch, Sterling Hill at Phoenix Rising, Dr Terry Wahls, Dr Natasha w the GAPS diet and Dr Amy Yasko…. piecing together what I can online. I follow a modified auto-immune version of Paleo, meditate, do restorative yoga, and mindfully spend time in nature and in the company of supportive friends &/or family daily, yet still struggle with lingering, sometimes debilitating, chronic health issues.
    Like you, I have a mind for nutritional medicine and am an allied health provider myself, specializing in neuro-rehab, but primarily this has become a passion because I need answers for myself.
    Since I live in central Mississippi, there are very limited options in the way of providers. I’ve had excellent care in the basics (the meat of the info you’ve discussed today) by Kelly Engleman at Enhanced Wellness in Jackson, MS…
    but she admits that at this point I know as much as she does in regards to applying info from Genetic testing and Cyrex panels specifically to mood and cognitive issues. I would LOVE to work with someone who could take that ball and run with it for me. It’s quite a challenge to wear the “General Contractor” hat effectively while dealing with profound mental and physical fatigue, bipolar depression (bipolar ll), anxiety, and decreased executive functioning.
    I really need to sub contract to a trusted coordinator… Or a secretary!
    I really do appreciate you and Rick being gracious in sharing this interview on your site. I looked you up after scrolling through old Wise Brain Bulletin topics and being shocked that someone in your position was already writing about methylation back in 2007! Very impressive. I immediately knew… This gal keeps up with the latest research… And she’s a smart cookie! 😉 Serendipitous timing, since you posted the interview only a few days ago. Again, grateful.


  2. Jackie Davidson
    9 years ago

    I Thought it was a terrific interview…Some of the information, I’ve discovered,but I loved the relaxed easy informed presentation. AND I leaned some new tools. Thank you both.


  3. Bonnie-Kate
    9 years ago

    Great Information! Thank you, Dr. Hanson and Jan Hanson.


  4. Linda Jones
    9 years ago

    Thank you so much for doing such an interesting and informative Vidio. I have suffered years with anxiety and fear of walking out of my home. I am now seeing a therapist who is helping me a great deal. I thought that what you said about vitamins was so interesting and I shall be following your advice. I am also going to see if I can have an allergy test because you mentioned sinus problems if affected by allergy problems of which I have been all my life. I am 65 and live in England and it is hard here to find someone who is so knowledgable regarding vitamins and allergies. However I shall buy what you advise and make lots of inquiries. You both seem so lovely and happy together.
    Thank you again . Linda


  5. Betty Boukt
    9 years ago

    Excellent thank you. Am dealing with a myriad of issues and found this very insightful bb


  6. Usha
    9 years ago

    I loved the interview. Great information !
    I am in New Jersey but I am going to have phone consultation with you.
    Thanks to Dr. Rick Hanson and you for such great work.


  7. Ana Dubina
    5 years ago

    I just bought your book like gift for a friend …interesting interview!
    Your husband saved me five years ago from ten horrible years suffering severe depression with three suicided attempts, his book Buddha’ brain bring me back to life and to understand the eight noble path!…Thanks


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